The Farmstead At Mine Brook

Home of Goat Rising and Jersey Maid Products

Dear Customers and Friends,

First Id like to thank you profoundly for supporting, standing beside, and believing in my products and business. It has been my pleasure to serve your needs and supply you and your business with wholesome and handcrafted cheeses.

I have been growing my business on a rented farm. I have outgrown the property that I was operating from. I found Derek and Mary Beth Ritchie from Sangha Farm in Ashfield who were in the process of expanding their cheese business and farm. After a difficult and heart wrenching but well thought out decision making process, I have decided to sell the Goat Rising Brand, its cheese making capacity, recipes and our prized Nubian goats to Sangha Farm. Derek and Mary Beth are no strangers to producing quality chevre and other specialty cheeses.

I ask you sincerely to continue to purchase Goat Rising cheeses from them and support their farm and family.

Again I thank you for supporting Goat Rising so that I could provide a living and a home for my family as well as jobs for local people.


It has been great pleasure.


John R. Miller